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Tainan (Chinese: 台南; Hanyu Pinyin: Táinán, Wade-Giles: T'ai-nan; POJ: Tâi-lâm) is a city located in southern Taiwan and is the fourth largest after Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung. Tainan was established as the ancient capital of Taiwan in 1661 by Koxinga after he took over the island from Dutch colonial rule. In 1684, the Qing Dynasty conquered Taiwan and established "Taiwan Fu" (Taiwan Government) as the first official local government in Taiwan. This was later renamed to "Tainan Fu" in 1885 when Taiwan was established as a province. Because it's the former capital of Taiwan, Tainan is also called Fu-cheng. Historically it is regarded as one of the earliest cities of Taiwan, when the Dutch colonists developed a nearby port, An-ping, which has become a touristy spot. Actually, it is one of the cultural capitals in Taiwan, as it houses the First Confucian School/Temple built 1665 on the island, the remains of the Northern and Southern gates of the old city, and countless other historical monuments. The Lantern Festival og Taiwan in 2005 and 2006 were also held here and appealed more than thousands of people. This place is beginning being valued.